Wednesday, November 4, 2009

CD Donation for RTAR - Closed

Alhamdulillah, we had reached our cloth diaper target. We still except other donation like CD detergent, nappy liners and toiletries such as, baby shampoo, soap/bath gel etc. You can send direct to RTAR.

CD donation
nice cloth diaper - 3 CDs - delivered to RTAR
lampinkain - 5 CDs -
Mysunshine Gift Shop - 2 Cheekybum CDs - delivered to RTAR
Tinytapir - 12 Grobaby CDs (24 soakers) - delivered to RTAR
Sue Ida - 5 Coolababy Cds -
Siti Zufina - 3 CDs lunatots - delivered to RTAR
Khadijah - 1 preloved Coolababay CD -delivered to RTAR

Total Contributions as per today 11 Nov - RM260
Tq Nadia
Tq Azila
Tq Rosfarisya
Tq Razana

Thank you to all kind heart people who buy/donate/even helping RTAR getting sponsor for the CDs, special thanks to Lyn Nasir for her help. May ALLAH reward all of you for your kindness.

The rest of the CDs is on the way.


  1. hi,

    don't u forget about one Live Grobaby set from Tiny Tapir..heheh!!

  2. wow that is great Lynn! next time i nak donate, i can buy soakers saja, and give to them!!!

  3. lucky day kot, minta terus dpt (^o^) alhamdulillah..

  4. by the way zar, i think Live package from tinytapir tu ada 24 soakers, so kira 24 CD because satu soaker untuk sekali tukar kut....betul ke Lynn?

  5. betul la tu, tapi tgk gak la. kalu poo-poo, maybe kena change soaker and the shell. based on my experience. untung banyak dah ni sbb tiny tapir nk donate that much AND they also will do the prep wash (8-10 times). up until today, i still dok beremail lg dgn Li from tiny tapir pasal CD.

  6. mama danial & lyn,
    I'll take note and update the list. thanks


  7. salam sis, sy juga taknak ektinggalan untuk sumbangkan sedikit dana buat RTAR..walaupun tak bayak mungkin ia memnebrikan seribu erti bagi yang memerlukan.InsyaAllah sumbangan lain akn menyusul...

  8. May all the kids grow with love.

    I am glad there is such a place that is named under LOVE.

    May all the caretakers of the home be blessed with strength and harmony.

    with all my well wishes and love,
    Sin Dee & family (Nice Cloth Diaper)

  9. Salam, sorry I terlupa nak inform my donation of two CDs, and another friend of mine donate 4 CDs. Will post the CDs by today Insya Allah. thanks.

  10. asmieyra, sin dee & tinidewi,
    thank you for all your support & donation.