Tuesday, October 27, 2009

About Rumah Titian Asraful Rohaniah (RTAR)

Address :
No.53B, Kg Selabak Luar Batu 3,
Jln Changkat Jong,
36000 Teluk Intan Perak

What is RTAR? It's an acronym for Rumah Titian Ashraful Rohaniah, located in Teluk Intan. Under care of Kak Ana & her husband, abg. Ajis with help from volunteer. RTAR is an NGO and receive donation/ contribution from individual & corporate company.

There are abt 60 adults under RTAR care, categories as Senior Citizen (Warga Tua), Neglected (Warga Terbiar), Orphans (Yatim), Special/Mentally Challenged, (warga istimewa), People with Disabilities (Warga Kurang Upaya).

The orphans/kids are baby Ariana 3 months, Danial 1 and half year, Nanda 2 years, Ainul 5 years & Farah 9 years.

contact details
Pn. Rohana Saidin 013-4550013/ 05-6237530
email : rtar@streamyx.com